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Interested in a round of golf with family and friends over the Christmas holidays, wearing a sweater? That scenario is a STRONG possibility in Collierville, Tennessee. Collierville is known for hot and humid summers, delightful falls, mild winters with little or no snow and pleasant springs.

  January April August November
Average Highs 48° F 72° F 90° F 62° F
Average Lows 28° F 49° F 68° F 40° F
  • 55 inches Average Annual Precipitation
  • 2 inches of Average Annual Snowfall
  • 64% of Days with Sunshine

Did you know? Collierville has MORE SUNNY DAYS each year than Jacksonville, Florida!

Former FedEx Global Supply Chain Services President and CEO, Tom Schmitt, once said about the Memphis area, "It's one of the most weatherproof areas in the United States, untroubled by hurricanes, blizzards, or prolonged periods of icy weather. This is the best place in the United States to put a hub."

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